The statistics and the IMPACT says it all !

The food that is rescued from going in to waste and in to landfill wether it is fresh perishable food eg  fruit , veg, bread, cakes or even cereal boxes where the boxes have been damaged, tins that are damaged or have ripped labels , surplus food or short dated food. We accept it all and we let people know if it is short dated etc and we leave the choices up to our “community fridgers ” who visit us.

Since April 2019 this is to date the updated statistics of all supermarket food collections (from Tesco and Waitrose ) as well as some of the new restaurants whom we collect frozen food from.

All our amazing volunteers collect food for Driven Forward Community Fridge 

Now all of the food donations and the food collections  are going to sustain the  provisions in The Community Fridge and to supporting families and adults in Sawyers Close and families in Broom Farm Estate.
We also support Viscount Court with food which includes bread and cakes and sandwiches which may be left over when we close  , Windsor Baptist Church Ukranian support group with a regular Tuesday donation and the Swan Sanctuary with left over bread and a pig farm with food that is not good to give out and is past its best. We also give out fruit to a local nursery on an ad hoc basis
The charity currently gives out food 7 days a week, which is supported by over 30 amazing volunteers who kept the community fridge going through some very recent difficult times