About Us

Driven Forward is a Charitable incorporated Organisation

A “not for profit” registered charity that has been established to enable adults in Berkshire who are socially excluded, isolated, lonely and vulnerable, and those unable to access public transport the opportunity to participate in: provided day trips, outings, arts and crafts, social activities, giving everyone from the street up a face and a name which facilitates interaction between people from different walks of life who might never otherwise connect on any meaningful level.

This Charity takes a significant step forward by providing opportunities for vulnerably housed or unhoused individuals. Creating a joint venture from the ground up and consulting and engaging with the vulnerable in need in the planning and organising. Funding is used for essential operational expenses including transportation, insurance as well as essential operational costs and diesel for the minibuses. Any profit made is directly reinvested back into the charity to engage with more elderly and homeless and provide more trips and widen the scope of trips and visits. Crucially, our trips are not a focus for just the homeless but, rather, with them – an important distinction that reverses the power balance between our homeless the elderly and ‘mainstream’ society.

Aims & Activities

In Berkshire we provide organised user-led trips to i.e. allotments, shopping trips, garden centres, creative arts, activities where Volunteers remain beside adults throughout both the journey and activity.

We provide access to a community hub “drop in“ facility with a kitchen to provide refreshments and meals and access to co – ordinated support services, including access to online learning.