Originally Driven Forward's Community Well Being Hub was set to open on 6th April 2020 however plans took a dramatic change as a result of the Coronavirus.
Driven forward’s Community Hub had been providing meals for key workers for 10 weeks since ‪March 30th‬.
For the 10 weeks at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Driven Forward has served hot food and drinks to a total of 634 keyworkers and at the start of Covid all keyworkers had a safe place to go and get a hot drink and a meal during lockdown and this continued right up until the lockdown was eased and shops and restaurants and coffee shops were opening in the town. Keyworkers being looked after ranged from Volker, Veolia, Tivoli, MET Police, SERCO, Thames Water Fed Ex Delivery Driver, Street Cleaning Operatives, RBWM Tinkers Lane employees, PCSO’s, Community Wardens, Community Nurses, Local Charity volunteers, Police, Ambulance, Community Care workers, Midwives, 2 workmen fixing CCTV cameras in the car park, NSL Parking Operatives, Delivery Drivers, Bus Drivers, Coach Drivers, Post Persons, Shop Workers, Supermarket Staff, Tree surgeons, On the busiest day 29 people were given hot food and a drink. 3 volunteers assisted in the hub( 2 people from one household only on any one day , and 2 adults socially distanced)

At the start packed lunches were also provided for the homeless as well as hot meals for the homeless from the Community hub, and then ‪from 6th April‬ Driven Forward took sole responsibility of supporting Windsor Homeless Project to support 12 homeless in a local B & B . Holistic support was given by assisting and supporting them with welfare checks, whilst dropping off meals to them and ensuring that they knew and understood their new "routine" during the uncertain time of lockdown.

Driven Forward as a small charity has been able to provide a daily home cooked meal and a pudding to the adults in the B & B for the past 14 weeks 7 days a week. Approximately 1,176 food containers have been used to provide the hot meals in and another 1,176 containers have been used to provide a pudding in every day of the week for the first 14 weeks and for the last 2 weeks hot meals and puddings have been provided 3 times a week.

Driven Forward Charity has also been used to be able to provide them with essential food items in food bags on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the first 14 weeks, where they have been given 3 bags each week containing food items such as eg pot noodles, tins of fruit, custard, tea bags, tins of hot dogs, tuna, biscuits, crisps, beans, bread, fresh fruit and UHT milk. The bags of food supplies were given to them throughout the 14 weeks, reducing to one bag a week for the last 2 weeks up to Friday July 24th. There has been a consistent level of support for the adults which has been provided by a group of amazing volunteer cooks who have been preparing their meals in their own homes for them during lockdown, the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown and afterwards whilst we all get used to the new norm. The charity has also provided them with takeaways as a special treat during Covid `19 from Scott’s Fish and chip shop of Fish & chips, and Fishcake and chips and sausage and chips. A chicken curry , rice and naan meal was also provided to them on Thursdays from Shamsul Shelim from The Viceroy Restaurant in Windsor and The new chef in The Alma Public House has also been able to provide them some hot meals which included brioche burger buns and chips.

Driven Forward has also been able to supply them with their own VE party as well as donated clothes via a clothing charity, toiletries, books, magazines, board games, arts and crafts activities and donated outdoor Gym equipment, table tennis and mindfulness colouring in (at the request of one adult) Driven Forward Charity has been able to support the adults holistically . 16 weeks of daily support provided by a fantastic group of volunteers. A big thanks go to them all. 26